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One morning while randomly sipping my coffee and exploring summer outfits from one of the global brands that we all love so much (guilty!), a thought crossed my mind.. one that really bothered me for days after that - what would be the carbon footprint that these fashion businesses leave behind in order to produce such humongous quantities?

According to a 2019 World Bank Organisation report, "The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined! If demographic and lifestyle patterns continue as they are now, global consumption of apparel will rise from 62 million metric tons in 2019 to 102 million tons in 10 years".

These alarming numbers suggest that slow fashion & sustainability is not just a brand USP anymore, rather the ONLY hope for the future of fashion.

Slow fashion is simply put - A conscious approach to fashion, which involves reviewing the processes and resources required to construct a piece of clothing, with primary focus on sustainability.

House of Couture is a slow fashion sustainable brand. The choices we make sets us apart - from locally sourced sustainable raw material from our trusted partners, to supporting the artisans in the rural parts of India

We are extremely conscious of our production practices, thus nothing that we make is ever mass produced. Each time you place an order with us, you can know with all certainty that it is being handcrafted from scratch with love & utmost respect for the environment, thereby ensuring zero wastage of leftover stock or raw materials.

We are proud to be Made In India


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sonal agrawal
sonal agrawal
03 jul 2020

mostly people think if they go for sustainable fashion, they will lose out on the various choices and categories of clothing. But your brand is well blended with trendy styles, variety, comfortability adn design while saving the environment!!! i love it!

Me gusta

Hi Sunaina, you have fab collection and it's amazing to know that you are also environment friendly which is definitely the need of the hour. All the very best !

Me gusta
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