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our story

who we are..

House Of Couture is a fashion & environment conscious brand designed with a modern approach. It is a powerhouse of glamourous, chic and contemporary wear for the impeccable woman all over the world. We believe that each one of us is unique and we deserve nothing but the best, we at HOC take a keen interest in every product we create for you; from designing to the raw material, to embellishments -we maneuver only the finest quality of material and craftsmanship

what makes us unique..

     Each of our designs is made with immense love and care and meticulous attention to

detail. We foster slow fashion which is the need of the hour for our environment. We do not

mass produce we create small batches, unique designs and intricately done hand

embroidery by the finest craftsmen.

Each of our product is handcrafted, stitched and adorned individually:


one - masterpiece - at - a time


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Fashion Model
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